Migration guide

This guide for existing RapidAPI users to migrate from RapidAPI platform to use our APIs directly. This avoids billing duplication so you won't be charged twice to access our data. The migration should be fairly straight-forward. Here are the steps you will need to take:

  1. Replace the domain chrome-stats.p.rapidapi.com with one of chrome-stats.com, edge-stats.com, or firefox-stats.com. The platform header is no longer used. Instead, choose the correct domain name above to point to the platform you want to retrieve data from.

  2. Replace the x-rapidapi-key header with x-api-key header. Use the API key from step 2 as the x-api-key header value. Your x-rapidapi-key header is no longer used.

  3. Remove the x-rapidapi-host header.

  4. Now test out your changes, and if everything goes well, please unsubscribe from our RapidAPI project at https://rapidapi.com/developer/billing/subscriptions-and-usage

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