Tracking favorites

You can track your favorite extensions on ChromeStats. This helps you keep track of an extension stats more easily. When you want to add an extension to your list of favorites, simply click on the button.

Manage favorite items

ChromeStats provides you a simple way to keep track of your favorite extensions in the favorite items dashboard. You can easily track multiple extensions and their stats over time on a single page.

Free users can only track one favorite extension. Upgrade to a paid plan to track more extensions.

Setting up tracking email

You can receive tracking email notification daily or weekly for your favorite extensions, highlighting important stats change in the past day or past week. Here is how to set it up:

  1. Login to ChromeStats, and go to the favorite items dashboard.

  2. Select how frequently you want to receive tracking emails

  3. Search for the extensions that you would like to track, and click on button to start tracking it. You will receive notifications for your favorite items.

On-update notification

If you select On-update on the manage notification settings page, then you will only receive email notification when the extension is updated.

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