Advanced search

Advanced search allows you to construct custom filter to find the extensions that you are looking for. With advanced search, you can easily search, filter, and sort through 200+ extensions and millions of reviews within seconds.

Advanced search supports searches across 50+ columns. You can search by extension name, id, user count, ratings, publisher email, description, whether it has been removed from Chrome Web Store, risk score, size, permission, manifest version, last update date, category, etc.

With advanced search, you can get the answers to these questions within seconds:

  • get all extensions that were removed from Chrome Web Store with 1M+ users

  • get all extensions that override the new tab pages

  • get all extensions that override the search engine

  • get the list of omnibox keywords supported by extensions

  • get the list of extensions with a promo video

Advanced search is only available to premium users. You can access advanced search from here.

In addition to searching for extensions, you can also search for extension reviews using advanced reviews search. This allows you to search for the keywords within millions of reviews on Chrome Web Store.

Advanced reviews search is also only available to premium users

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