Ranking stats


With ChromeStats, you can get the extension ranking across various categories, collections, keywords, locales, permissions, etc. Free users will be able to access the first page of ranking, while paid subscribers will be able to access all pages.

How rankings work

Ranking by collections and keywords are based on the item's appearance order on Chrome Web Store. All other rankings are based on the number of active users. In case two extensions are tied in the number of active users, then the extension's rating count and average rating will be used as tie-breaker.

Historical stats

You can see historical trends for active users, ratings, and ranking. You can easily see if a new version release had led to an increase or decrease in your stats. Paid subscribers will be able to see longer historical trends, up to 365 days in the past for premium members.

You can also navigate back in time to see the extension's stats and descriptions on an older date. We will help you remember what has changed, so you can revert to an older version if the new changes did not work out.

Historical trends are available for extensions, publishers, and other timeseries stats on ChromeStats.

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